Company Profile

  • Approx. €10 m revenues p.a., 40% growth p.a.
  • Talent Management Software
  • Strong presence in Europe

Situation and Objectives

  • Low sales conversion in highly competitive pitches at around 10%
  • Key reason for loss is price
  • High number of drop-outs early in the process


  • Derive relevant value drivers in customer interviews
  • Derive key differentiation factors for a versioned offer
  • Supply sales force with ways to explore customer-specific value drivers, competition and willingness to pay during sales process
  • Develop tool enabling sales force to create customer-individual offers and prices


  • New offering strategy (versioning)
  • Upsell path into much higher-value tickets via consulting services
  • Customer-centric offer design and pricing
  • Monitoring of individual deals


  • Increased conversion
  • Increased ticket size

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