Company Profile

  • €700m domestic revenue p.a (in scope).
  • Global footprint
  • Focus on selling security services both traditional guard as well as new technical services

Situation and Objectives

  • Continuous margin erosion for core services while new services benefitted from much better margins
  • However, sales force not familiar and comfortable in selling new services
  • In addition no clear guidelines which customer to target with regards to new services
  • Objectives: Identify customers to target with new services and empower sales force to sell new services to these clients successfully


  • Develop customer prioritization scheme to identify customers which are suited best for sales of new services
  • Prepare support material for sales force
  • Conduct sales force trainings to explain how to sell new services to whom incl. mock negotiations
  • Prepare and conduct refresher measures and monitoring on a continuous base
  • Adapt incentive system in accordance to new services sales targets

Three Steps to Successful Sales Force Transformation


  • Precise customer prioritization scheme incl. exact list for individual sales rep which customer to target how and when
  • Easy to use support material in accordance with already existing material
  • Trained and prepared sales force
  • Set of well prepared and established refresher measures (e.g. newsletter, online tests)
  • Detailed monitoring report capturing increase of new services sales
  • Adapted incentive system


  • Significant increase of new services sales
  • Improved sales force ability to sell new service and focus resources on right

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