Company Profile

  • Telecommunications Equipment Supplier
  • Manufacturer
  • Big, proud, strong own sales force with long success track record

Situation and Objectives

  • Intensified competition
  • Change in customer behavior, less brand loyalty
  • Increasing number of sales reps and deals selling with the only argument price


  • Transparency: In depth analysis of performance (by region and by sales rep)
  • Ambassadors: To enable change and to ensure acceptance of a more formal sales process key stakeholder with decades of experience were handpicked to advocate the new system
  • Decision support: Sales reps remained ultimate responsibility for deal prices and conditions, but were equipped with our signature tool Peer Pricing to get clear guidance for optimal discount corridors


  • Willingness to change accomplished
  • High acceptance through flawless integration in existing sales tools
  • Higher income from bonus through better decisions became obvoious


  • 1.8 Percentage Points higher margin

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