Interim financial statement 2017: Simon-Kucher is on track

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Digitalization is driving the business forward

The first half of 2017 has been a success for Simon-Kucher & Partners. Overall the global consulting firm generated revenue of EUR 123.3 million worldwide in the first six months of the year – this represents growth of 6.1 percent year on year. The increase in new orders was particularly strong, reaching a solid EUR 138 million.

According to CEO Georg Tacke, the company’s continuing digitalization process is the main driver of business. “Most companies only see digitalization as a way to reduce costs. This is thinking too narrowly. We use digitalization as a tool to help our clients grow and increase profit.” In view of the high number of new orders, Simon-Kucher’s business is on an optimistic course for 2017. “We expect total revenue of around EUR 270 million”, Tacke explains.  

Financial Services, Consumer Goods & Retail, and Software/Internet/Media made significant contributions to this impressive mid-year result. Growth rates in these segments are twice as high as the company average. Every region contributed to the successful development of the business, while a particularly high growth rate was achieved by the Asia-Pacific region. “Our recently opened office in Hong Kong allowed us to fill a white spot on the map. We will now continue to strengthen our activities in this market”, notes Tacke.

Simon-Kucher’s international expansion will continue next year. A new office will open in Chicago in 2018, joining New York, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Mountain View, to become the company’s sixth location in the United States.

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